Putin shakes up Russia’s state media

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MOSCOW, RUSSIA – Between riots in neighboring Ukraine, and Pussy Riot at home, you’d think Russian president Vladimir Putin would have enough on his plate.

But that would be a big fat nyet!

Putin tightened his grip on Russia’s media by Putin down the hammer on RIA Novosti, the government’s main news agency, and replacing it with Rossiya Segodnya  “Russia Today.”

It’s so new that it doesn’t even have a Web site.

Putin hand-picked Dimitriy Kiselyov to head the new news agency.

He’s a former TV anchor who’s not a big fan of homosexuals, who believes they should not be allowed to donate blood or sperm, and that their hearts should be burned instead of donating them when they’re finished using them.

This move is seen as Putin strengthening his hold on Russia’s state media while promoting the country’s image abroad, because for some reason Putin thinks burning or burying the hearts of homosexuals is always a good image to have with your foreign friends and neighbors.

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