You can now watch a HD stream from the International Space Station

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VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA – If you’ve wanted to have an astronauts view of the Earth, you will soon have your chance.

Two cameras will be mounted on the International Space Station. One high def and the other medium resolution. You’ll be able to view streaming video and pictures of the Earth from your own home.

Scott Larson of UrtheCast the company responsible for the new cameras explains, “It’s educational, it’s environmental, there’s lots of social awareness.”

But should we be worried we’re being watched from space?

John Truax of Houston said, “Big brother’s always watching.”

“There’s lot of military stuff of course, there’s stuff no-one knows about,” according to Larson.

The UrtheCast cameras which should be online by summer are intended to give us, the average person, the ability to get a cool view from far above.

Larson believes the cameras will catch a glimpse of events that will draw viewers, “Whether it’s some kind of natural disaster, environmental, volcano, something social, we’ll capture imagery that no-one has ever seen.”

“If they want to see what’s going on in my bedroom, eh, so help you.” said Truax.

So for you conspiracy theorists, if you’re really concerened for your privacy, you may just want to close your blinds.

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