Facebook top trending topics 2013

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MENLO PARK, CA – What’s on your mind?

It’s that simple yet seemingly weighted question Facebook always asks when you log in.

People posted about a variety of things over the past year.

2013 had its fair share of tragedy, twerking, typhoons and traveling.

The number one most talked about topic in the world was Pope Francis, followed closely by the presidential election and the royal baby. Specifically in the U.S., the Super Bowl ranked as the number one most talked about topic.

Disneyland in California was the most checked-into location on Facebook this year.

Also, people love to talk about their love life! Relationships are the most talked about personal topic, whether it’s someone’s new boo, or maybe a guy finally popped the question!

Other popular topics included the government shutdown, George Zimmerman, Syria and deceased celebrities.

2013 was a busy year. Here’s looking to 2014!

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