Forbes’ 2013 list of most overpaid actors

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NEW YORK, NY – People constantly complain about how much professional athletes are overpaid. But let’s face it, at the end of the day, teams like the Yankees and Cowboys are money making machines.

But what about overpaid actors? You know, the ones with an upfront price tag of tens of millions of dollars, only to have their latest movies totally flop at the box office.

Well, Forbes figured out who the most overpaid big screen actors are and, of course, made a list.

It all came down to how much each star’s last three films made per dollar they were paid.

Topping the list is Adam Sandler. The funny-man is far from his Happy Gilmore days. Did you see Jack and Jill? No? Neither did anyone else. Sandler’s latest movies made $3.40 for every dollar he was paid.

Number two on the list is Katherine Heigl. Seriously, does anyone like her anymore?

Number three is Reese Witherspoon. But she’s got her own production company with some cool stuff in the works.

Number four: Nicholas Cage.

Six: Denzel Washington.

Seven: Steve Carell.

Eight: Jennifer Aniston

Nine: Matt Damon.

But hey, there are worst lists to be on.

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