Oregon football player suspended for campus snowball fight

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oregonEUGENE, OR – When pelted by snowballs, you should remember one word: duck!!  Especially on the campus of the University of Oregon.

Yeah, the same school where the duck mascot delivered a beat-down on Shasta, the University of Houston mascot, back in 2007.

The incident occurred last week during a snow event organized on twitter by members of the Oregon football team.

One of the participants was Pharaoh Brown, the tight end for the Ducks. But his participation got him suspended, meaning he won’t be playing against the University of Texas Longhorns in the Valero Alamo Bowl on December 30.

The 6-6 sophomore from Ohio apologized, saying the crowd should not have engaged innocent people, and that he accepts the consequences.

One more reason to duck, and run, if you’re at the University of Oregon.

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