WestJet fulfills hundreds of passengers’ wish lists

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CALGARY, CANADA – Flying during the holidays can be a real bummer.

But Santa Claus makes everything better. So, the folks with WestJet set up a virtual St. Nick at airports in Toronto and Hamilton, Canada.

But to passengers’ surprise, the jolly ol’ gift-giver got a little personal. One by one, passengers scanned their boarding passes, and Santa greeted them with their names. They requested their gifts without knowing their wishes would come true. Santa and his WestJet helpers were making their lists over in Calgary.

The flights took off, and so did the WestJetters to the stores. They got all of the passengers presents, wrapped ’em, and dropped ’em off at baggage claim before the flights landed.

When the passengers arrived in Calgary, it was a real Christmas miracle.

In a world with overbooked flights, outrageous extra fees and corporate greed, it’s nice to see an airline that gives back.

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