Most solar panels are facing the wrong way

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AUSTIN, TX – A study by the Pecan Street Research Institute, out of UT in Austin, says most of the solar panels in the Northern Hemisphere are facing the wrong direction.

Conventional wisdom dictates the panels should face south to track the sun from one horizon to the other. Pecan Street’s research found panels facing west generated 2% more electricity a day and 49% more juice during peak hours, specifically the afternoon. West facing panels also reduced usage by 65% during that peak time; that’s 11% more than south-facing panels.

Hopefully the folks at George Washington University know this. They just unveiled the world’s first solar-powered walkway.

Though the walkway looks like tile, the panels are solar gathering the sun’s rays and storing them as energy in battery packs below the surface. This walkway was created just to see how the university can make the most of solar technology.

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