78% oppose allowing phone calls while flying

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WASHINGTON, DC – Hey, you. Hang up and listen to this: surprisingly most Americans just say “no way” to allowing passengers to talk on their phones while flying. Safety concerns? Nah. They just want a break from other people’s annoying chitchat 10,000 feet above ground.

For over two decades we were told that using our cell phones could interfere with cockpit instruments. But now that the Federal Communications Commission voted to consider lifting the ban, a poll suggests 48% of Americans oppose allowing phone calls while flying; and 78% of frequent flyers are against the move.

It looks like it will be up to the airlines to decide whether or not to allow the use of cell phones. But if they do, you might want to add some ear plugs to your packing list. And like it or not, your plugged-in life will carry on.