Adorable Little Girl Signs Christmas Concert for Deaf Parents

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Sometimes we just need a heartwarming story, especially during the holidays. Now warning, this is a tear jerker so grab the tissues.
Meet Claire Koch, one of the sweetest, most thoughtful little girls.
While singing along with her kindergarten classmates to a Christmas-themed rendition of the folk song “Bingo Was His Name-O,” Claire a KODA (Kid of Deaf Adult) signs the song’s words so her deaf parents can follow along in the audience.
Her mom Lori, who is originally from Houston, posted the video on YouTube and definitely spread the holiday cheer. It’s gone viral.
Oh and Lori tells Gawker that, unlike some other so-called sign language interpreters, aka the Mandela signer, her daughter is the real deal. Maybe she could give him some lessons.
No doubt about it, Claire is on the extremely Nice list. I hope Santa brings her something great. And props to her parents for raising such a kind, young girl.
Let this be a reminder of how fortunate you are to hear Christmas carols, for one thing. And also, do something nice for someone you love. The little gestures go a long way. Happy Holidays!

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