Beyoncé shocks the world with surprise album

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HOUSTON, TX – She released a 14-track album, complete with seventeen videos, in the middle of the night! She’s calling it a visual album.

There was no advanced promotion here. The entire thing was hush-hush until her announcements via Facebook and Instagram.

Beyoncé worked with Dan Workman at SugarHill Recording Studios in Houston and he seems to have a pretty good grasp of why Beyoncé took this route.

Workman said, “…we have instant access to our stars these days. They’re not mysterious at all. So how do we be mysterious? It’s not the endless rollout and hype, it’s the all of a sudden, all at once, out of nowhere….this thing has happened.”

Artists have been “leaking” album tracks for a long time, but now Beyoncé had a secret album that everyone wanted to be a part of.

Props to you Beyoncé. You managed to sneak one by us.

Will a “surprise” release be the trend?  Doubtful.  After all, divas love attention.