California teens break into mansion, throw party

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LOS ANGELES, CA – Owners of multi-million dollar homes in California probably throw some pretty sweet parties. But sheriff’s deputies say a party thrown in November was a ghost party. No, we’re not talking about actual ghosts. These parties take place at home that are up for sale, and while the current homeowners are gone.

“The suspect hosted a party, charged a fee, and probably a hundred plus kids attended the party,” said Capt. Timothy Murakami, LA County Sheriff’s Department.

But the party got out of control.

“Somebody broke into the house, which started like a looting frenzy. While they were in the house they started looting and causing damage,” said Murakami.

They stole and damaged about a million dollars worth. The group made off with Versace suits, medieval masks and a stuffed snow leopard.

Trespassing wasn’t the only teens dumb move. They posted pictures on social media of them partying in the mansion and of the stolen stuff. That led police right to their front door. Police arrested 16 teens, 13 of them juveniles.