Funding is critical to get Texas roads back on the road

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HOUSTON, TX – Texas roads need more money, say Houston officials.  The Texas Department of Transportation says it would cost $4 billion dollars a year to maintain the state roads and allow for future growth.

Harris County Judge Ed Emmett explained, “You’re always playing catching up if you’re in a fast-growth area, and the problem now, of course, is the state hasn’t increased its gasoline tax or any fees for a long, long time.  The state doesn’t have any money to build any new roads.”

Harris County toll roads (though nobody likes to pay the toll) make a difference here.

“It’s always strange to say, ‘Gee, it’s good that we have toll roads,’ but it really is, because imagine where we would be if we didn’t have Beltway 8 or managed lanes on I-10, or Westpark, or Hardy.” according to Judge Emmett.

The choice: Come up with a way to fund expansion for growth, or just sit in traffic jams.