HISD Board of Education votes to ban offensive mascots

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HOUSTON, TX – What’s in a name?  Shakespeare made the argument that it really doesn’t matter what you call something, but times have changed and it’s the names of some Houston school mascots that are causing some controversy. Mainly the Lamar Redskins, the Hamilton Indians, the Welch Warriors and the Westbury Rebels.

To some, it’s just a name but to others it’s racist and demeaning toward Native Americans. It seems the HISD Board of Education agrees with the latter.

At their monthly board meeting, trustees voted unanimously in favor of a new policy that requires those schools to change the names of the mascots to something without any relation to a race or ethnic group.  The board will have a second vote on the issue at their meeting in January, then the policy would go into effect at the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year.

Hopefully a name change will help players and fans respect differences, and more than that, get them out of a debate that has simmered for years.