HPD: Safe shopping starts with you!

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HOUSTON, TX – Maybe it sounds like punting responsibility, but the Houston Police Department wants you to know “Safe shopping starts with you!.”

Officers chatted with shoppers at the HEB on Buffalo Speedway Thursday morning, and showed just how easily thieves can snatch your stuff, especially women’s purses.

“Mainly toward our female customers, we’re going to ask them to secure their purses, and not leave them open in their grocery cart,” said Assistant Chief George Bennett.

The main message officers have been trying to impart this holiday season — through a serious of press conferences — is that people should be aware of their surroundings at all times. They say thieves take advantage of distracted and careless shoppers, so know what’s going on around you, do not leave cash or large gifts sitting in your vehicle and try to shop/walk to your car with a group when possible.