Instagram adds direct messaging to their app

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NEW YORK, NY – Instagram released an update with the new feature “Instagram direct,” …and the internet went crazy.

So now you can send an Instagram photo to up to 15 people at a time, that you follow, and that follow you back.

Sending direct photos to your friends, isn’t that Snapchat?  Yup.  The same Snapchat that Facebook tried to buy last month for $3 billion dollars.  Facebook already owns Instagram.

Instagram’s CEO says that their app is “…focused on capturing and sharing the world’s moments… best at archiving those moments and sharing them with your friends.”  Archiving…not deleting after 10 seconds.  So that’s one major difference.

Instagram also says they may be adding the ability to directly draw on photos, which is another feature Snapchat is known for.

Do we really need multiple apps and sites that do the same thing?  Ask Google+ how that’s working out for them, or better yet, MySpace.