Security guard arrested in theft of Lakers championship rings

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EL SEGUNDO, CA – Let’s face it. Security guards don’t have the most exciting job on earth. Many find creative ways to pass the time. However, one security guard in California may be doing time for what he was caught doing on the job.

Eddie Monterroso, 23, was working as a guard at the Los Angeles Lakers headquarters in El Segundo, when he allegedly got a hankerin’ for gold.

Police say Monterroso stole two championship rings from the 2009 and 2010 seasons.

The rings were spares, and did not belong to any players or lakers employees.

Police say the sticky-fingered security guard also swiped $20,000 in gift cards for Macy’s, Target and other stores.

The team had planned on donating the gift cards to community groups for Christmas.

Instead, police say Monterroso blew about $15,000 worth on TVs and iPads for himself.

Police aren’t saying what exactly led them to Monterroso, but they did find the two rings and $6,000 in gift cards inside his home.

He’s facing charges of burglary and grand theft.

Looks like L.A. has its newest member of ‘The Bling Ring.’