Six UH students robbed at gunpoint

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HOUSTON – Half a dozen students were robbed by three men at gunpoint.

“This is the most frightening situation because of how close it is to where I live,” said Simon Powell, a student at the school.

It all happened in the basement area of Law Residence Hall in the middle of the night.

Campus police say two of the bad guys were wearing red hoodies. And, all three of them were able to get away with the students’ cell phones and wallets before making their great escape through an emergency exit door.

“People don’t need to be going to basements at night all by yourself, or even with a large group, because a large group can’t win against guns. Guns always win,” said another student named Andy.

In this case though, guns ultimately didn’t win because no one got hurt. But, cops are still on the lookout for the robbers and the loot they got away with.

In the meantime, students aren’t taking chances.

“I try to walk with friends. I make sure we have whistles, or things like that, that will keep you safe,” said UH student, Linda Efejuku.

Whistles? Wow. But, in this day and age, are whistles even enough?