Trayvon Martin’s parents shopping book deal

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No matter whose side you were on, there’s no doubt the death of Trayvon Martin gripped the country.

Soon, we may be reliving the tragedy all over again, this time in print.

The teen’s parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin have been meeting with publishers to create a book that is sure to be a gut-wrenching read.

Despite the media storm surrounding Martin and the man who killed him, George Zimmerman, Martin’s parents say they have yet to fully tell their story.

The book will supposedly center around faith and include everything from the life of Trayvon before the shooting to the murder trial that ended in a not-guilty verdict for Zimmerman.

Martin’s parents attended meetings with an experienced sidekick — Dallas book agent Jan Miller.

She’s worked with Doctor Phil, Joel Osteen, Sarah Ferguson, the list goes on.

No word on when the book will hit selves, but it likely can’t come soon enough for the millions of people who rallied behind the Martin family.