China sends probe to moon; Iran sends monkey into space again

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CHINA – Make it a victory for China!

State news says the country landed its first lunar rover, Jade Rabbit, on the moon. Her touchdown comes less than two weeks after blasting off from Earth.

With her solar powers, multiple cameras and solar legs, Jade will patrol the moon’s surface and study the structure of the lunar crust until at least March. She’ll also get down and dirty and dig up some soil samples.

Of course, the U.S. and former Soviet Union have already done this before, but who’s counting?

Now, something that’s not so common, sending a monkey up there into never-never land. But, Iran did it and they’ve got proof!

Iranian state news caught little Fargam before, and 15 minutes later, after. They say she went up 75 miles into space and came back to Earth in less than half an hour, and didn’t suffer from any issues!

Fargam’s trip was all done in the name of National Research Week. But man, talk about some heavy duty monkeying around!

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