Antibacterial soap being examined by FDA

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SILVER SPRING, MD – Antibacterial soap might not be as helpful as you might think, at least, according to the Food and Drug Administration.

The FDA will require manufacturers of the stuff to prove it works better than good old-fashioned soap and water, or pull it off the shelves.

Deepa Vasudevan, MD of UTHealth Medical School explained, “Triclosan has been on the market for some time and there have been studies even back in 2006 indicating that overuse of that product may cause some antibacterial resistance. There is some speculation, mostly in animal studies, it was done in bullfrogs studies, that possibly triclosan can inhibit the function of thyroid hormone.”

Then why not just wash your hands with plain old soap and water?

Good question! Washing while you sing the happy birthday song is long enough to get your hands nice clean.

The FDA believes there should be a clear demonstration of benefits from using antibacterial soaps to balance any potential risks.

It’s important to note that hand sanitizer and wipes are not affected because they use alcohol or ethanol.

Who would have thought we’d have to worry about the dangers of soap?!