Corvette goes 200 mph on Grand Parkway

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SEALY, TX – Catch me if you can!  200 mph on the Grand Parkway.  Ha!  Jealous?

No EZ Tag will allow you to drive that fast on a public road, alright?  Only John Hennessey from Hennessey Performance was allowed to take an enhanced 2014 Chevy Corvette Stingray for an extreme ride, and avoid being chased by a convoy of cops, because he had a good excuse.

“Transcore has the toll tag or the EZ tag system where they can not only read the tag of the car speed but also they can see how fast you’re going,” said Hennessey. “So they wanted to see if they could read that on a car that was going obviously faster than speed limit.”

And they could.  So now you know: it takes more than 200 mph to outrun the system.

“You know, if the DPS wanted to come after me if I was doing something stupid like that I deserve to go to jail,” explained the pilot. “There’s an old saying that you might be able to outrun the police car, but you cannot outrun the radio.”

The new section of the Grand Parkway between I-10 to 290 won’t be open until Saturday. But we can already hear the engines roar.