Hard-working, single mom given car

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BAYTOWN, TX – In the spirit of the season, Bates Collision Center in Baytown played Santa for Belinda Martinez and her 4-year-old daughter Salma by giving them a rehabbed, refurbished car.

Belinda is a single mom who’s had to walk two hours a day to and from work; but still makes to it all of her daughter’s parent teacher conferences and open house. The car will save her time and give her the freedom to spend more time with Salma.

“I am very grateful that they did all of this, no words can explain how grateful I am,” says Belinda.

In addition to receiving a refurbished 2005 Ford Focus, they got gifts — lots of them. The teary-eyed mom remarks, “I never thought there were such nice people out there to actually do all of this and donate so much stuff to me and my daughter.”

Bates and its employees have played Santa now for 15 years but one thing hasn’t changed says owner Leila Bates, “It really fills our heart. It doesn’t ever get routine. All of our employees get behind this project and just the smiles on their faces when they see that car unwrapped for a family they’ve never met.”

Belinda could be the only person in the greater Houston area that’s looking forward to traffic, “I guess I’ll be happy when I’m stuck in it- take a picture, Facebook it- I’m in traffic again, ha ha.”

But not everyone thinks the car was the best gift given today.

“The bicycle,” says Salma.

Hey, what 4-year-old little girl wouldn’t love a pink bike? Merry Christmas Belinda and Salma.