Photoshop Parody Ads Expose our Filtered Reality

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It’s no secret, as you flip through the pages of any magazine, the majority of the ads, if not all of them are Photoshopped. My favorites are the ones with missing limbs or abnormally long legs.

 Well, a 24-yr-old East Carolina University art student, Anna Hill decided to do mock ad parodies for her final project in a digital photography class. And let’s just say she gets an A+ in my book.
After she was done with the project Hill shared the images on Redditt. She then told The Huffington Post:

“One thing I noticed when I was doing these that when I suddenly went back to the unedited [image], it looked so wrong and kinda gross. It made me extra aware of how skewed my perception was after looking at the edited ones for a while.”

It’s so true. And I think it’s great that she did this project as someone who uses Photoshop for her work. Just goes to show you how mainstream media overuse the tool and skew our perception.

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