Report: SAS did not kill Princess Diana

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LONDON, ENGLAND – Sixteen years ago, newspapers around the world carried headlines about the deaths of Princess Diane, Dodi Al Fayed, and their chauffeur Henri Paul in a Paris car crash.

It didn’t take long before new headlines questioned whether their deaths were an accident or murder, or even the results of a hit by assassins in the British government.

And then in august, Scotland Yard received information alleging that members of Britian’s Special Air Service, the SAS, did the dirty deeds.

Now, London’s Metropolitan Police says there were no dirty deeds, dirt cheap or otherwise.

“The final conclusion is that whilst there is a possibility the alleged comments in relation to the SAS’s involvement in the deaths may have been made, there is no credible evidence to support a theory that such claims had any basis in fact.”

The official word is that the driver, Henri Paul, was snockered and speeding, and that he was the cause of the accident that killed Di and Dodi. But no survivors means no one left to tell what really happened, because dead men tell no tales.