Brazil to host male vs. female MMA fight

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RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Fans of mixed martial arts, MMA, are going to get a more than a scantily dressed girl walking in front of half-naked men come Friday.

Not that there’s anything wrong what that.

But this time, instead of holding a sign, the girl will be holding her own in the sport’s first mixed-gender bout, a true battle of the sexes for the twenty-first century.

It’s been forty years since the last time we saw this, women’s tennis star Billie Jean King against master promoter Bobby Riggs at Houston’s Astrodome, may it rest in peace. King topped Riggs in straight sets.

This battle pits Emerson Falcao, with a loss in his only fight, against Juliana Valesquez, a virgin in the ring, and inch shorter than her opponent.

But there’s already some controversy.

Falcao posted on his Facebook page that he’s hurt and can’t fight until next year.

But maybe Falcao knows Valesquez is more than just another pretty face. And, he may have also figured out this fight is a lose-lose for him, because if he beats a girl, well, he beat a girl.

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