U.S. troops hurt in South Sudan rescue attempt

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BOR, SOUTH SUDAN – There’s a situation happening in South Sudan that’s really spiraling out of control.

Rebel groups are taking over the city of Bor.

“The situation in Bor really over the last 24 hours has developed,” says Major Kevin Finlay Walls, UNMISS military staff officer.

Developed so much, in fact, that at least 30 American citizens are involved.

According to the Pentagon, four U.S. service members are recovering from injuries after gunfire from “unknown forces” hit their aircraft. The Pentagon says the troops were on a mission to rescue U.S. citizens from the town when their planes got hit.

The good news – the military says the troops have been able to make it out of Sudan and are okay. And, sources say most Americans who were left in the country have also been able to get out.

“We’ve got a considerable amount of people we are mandated to protect and we are doing that to the best of our ability at the moment,” says Walls.

Hopefully, what seems like a mission impossible will turn out to be a mission possible soon.

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