Harvard fined $24,000 for monkey deaths

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SOUTHBOROUGH, MA – The USDA isn’t monkeying around when it comes to animal research. Harvard University is in deep “droppings” after four monkeys died at its primate research center.

One was reportedly from an overdose, two from water deprivation, and another was accidentally strangled by a toy.

The deaths happened over several years, and since the scientists at Harvard med school have themselves under a microscope.

The school has now been fined $24,000 by the USDA. But it’s a small price to pay for a school that gets millions of dollars in taxpayer funding a year for animal research.

Even still, earlier this year the school announced it will shut down its New England primate center by 2015 for financial reasons.

Harvard’s smaller primate facility will stay open.

Let’s hope these ivy league-ers can get it together. This is bananas.

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