Santa Fe, TX missionaries won’t let accident stop their work

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SANTA FE, TX – It’s been a long journey, but Ruby Strayberry and Stephanie Clawson are finally home and doing much better.

The two women were doing missionary work in Niger, Africa. They were there to help save lives, but it was Ruby and Stephanie whose lives needed saving.

One day, the vehicle they were riding in swerved off the road and flipped into a ravine.

Badly hurt and on the other side of the world, Ruby and Stephanie were unable to get proper medical medical care.

“All we had was each other. And when everybody left that night when we were in Africa, and there was no more visitors, it was just Ruby and I. And it was up to each other for me to make her laugh, for her to make me laugh, for us to provide hope to each other, and to pray together, to laugh together, and to cry together,” said Stephanie.

But they weren’t alone. People from all over the world scrambled to help and raised the $75,000 needed to fly the women home.

“Hundreds of people who saw what we were going through felt that it was the right thing to do to help, and that’s the heartwarming part,” said Stephanie.

Ruby and Stephanie believe it wasn’t just the acts of people who saved them.

In Africa, x-rays showed Ruby’s back was broken in several places. By the time she reached the states, her back had healed.

“It’s just been one miracle after another,” said Ruby.

Stephanie’s injuries were extensive. But miraculously, she says she has felt little pain.

“I would just have doctors come in, and they would just stare at me, and they would just kind of ask how I felt and I’d say, ‘oh I feel good!'”

So good, she says she’s going to keep going.

“This was to be a testimony of hope that we weren’t going to stop doing mission work. We’re not going to. We’re going back to Africa, we’re going back to Central America, we’re going back to Mexico, we’re going wherever God has called us to go.”

Spoken like true missionaries.