Beaten dog makes miracle recovery

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ORLANDO, FL–A warning for dog lovers, the following story may be a bit graphic and hard to watch.

A tiny dog is thought to be the latest victim of thieves currently terrorizing one Orlando neighborhood. Johna McCormick found her Chinese Crested Powder Puff ‘Cuddles’ savagely beaten.

Johna rushed cuddles to the vet.  The dog`s ribs had been cracked and the bones in three of her legs fractured.
Officials have no clue what monster left Cuddles in such a sad state, but Johna believes it`s the same thieves that have been burglarizing homes in her community, and she`s afraid they`re getting violent. Cuddles is a rescue dog that Johna found 4 months ago.

Doctors don`t know if Cuddles will ever fully recover, and her vet bills have already exceeded ten thousand dollars, with more treatments still to come.
The hope is that the monsters that did this to Cuddles are caught before they graduate from attacking defenseless little animals to defenseless little old ladies.

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