New Year’s Day traditions

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HOUSTON, TX — 2014 is here and we all want to start the year off with a bit of good luck, right?

While we here in the states may not have had a record-setting fireworks display to start the new year like they did in Dubai, we start it off with our own way of bringing in good luck: black-eyed peas!

The peas resemble coins and their luck is associated with good money.

Cabbage and a New Year’s smooch are also believed to bring good luck. Some countries have some New Year’s traditions that are just plain weird.

Did you know it’s customary in Ecuador to burn a scarecrow at midnight? Burning it burns away the negativity of the previous year.

In Greece, smashing a pomegranate outside your door is said to bring good fortune, but it just sounds like a big mess to us!

However you decide to try and wrangle up some good luck, more power to you! We certainly wish you a Happy New Year!

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