Recreational marijuana now on sale in Colorado

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DENVER, CO – Some dream of a white Christmas, while others dream of a green New Year.

That dream came true for folks in Colorado who lined up on January 1, 2014 to be the first to purchase recreational marijuana legally.

Colorado is the first state to open retail stores to sell recreational marijuana, which means anyone over 21 can get their weed the same way the get their alcohol.

There are some limits, Colorado residents can only get up to one ounce at a time while out-of-staters are limited to a quarter ounce.

A warning to those of you thinking of flying in or out to the mile-high city, though, Denver Airport officials said while they’re not going be looking for it, if you’re caught with the sticky icky you could face a $999 fine.

Either way, we’re betting it’s gonna be a blazing year for the Colorado Tourism Bureau.

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