Houston head shops keep close eye on Colorado

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HOUSTON, TX – It’s a new year. And they’re flying high in Colorado. January 1st, legalized marijuana officially went on sale in the mile-high city and folks lined-up for blocks awaiting their chance to buy an ounce of the magic green.

So much, in fact, that head shops couldn’t keep the stuff in store. And prices went as high as $400 and ounce.

Here in Houston:

“Business is good, I mean, it has it’s ups and downs,” head-shop owner Nick Patel says. “With all the competition and everybody selling the same thing everywhere you go, gas stations, so it’s kind of hard.”

At the Herb-n-Legend smoke shop on Washington, business comes and gos. With no green to go along with the smoking accessories, it’s mostly a quiet morning.

“In a business you’re always going to have to have your own game-plan and survive somehow,” Patel explains. He’s paying close attention to what’s happening in Colorado. And counting down the hours until he can see some green of his own.

“I think we’ll see it in Texas in about another five years. Give it about five years, we’ll be one of the last states to get it legalized.”

With more and more states jumping on the marijuana band wagon, it’s a wait-and-see for Texas. And for a state as closely associated with cartel violence as we are, it’s likely more wait than anything. But still, money talks.

“The government’s going to make more taxes,” Patel offers.

The questions is whether anyone in Austin is listening.

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