Houston’s newest hip-hop station: ‘The Beat’

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HOUSTON, TX – Apparently rock ‘n roll isn’t here to stay, or at least not in Houston!

Fans of Houston’s classic rock station 93.7 ‘The Arrow’ have likely been double-checking their radios since early New Year’s Eve.

The station has switched from classic rock to hip-hop, dubbed 93.7 ‘The Beat’.

This leaves 106.9/107.5 ‘The Eagle’ as Houston’s sole classic rock station.

93.7 ‘The Beat’ will feature music from artists like Kanye West, Drake and Beyoncé. They’re deeming it, “Houston’s real hip-hop and r&b station.”

Of course ‘The Eagle’ morning show hosts, Dean and Rog, were quick to joke about what it means to be the sole Houston classic rock station, saying, “…we don’t have a competitor anymore so we don’t have to try. We can be as sloppy and make as many mistakes as we want.”

So Houston, will you be down with ‘The Beat’?

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