Calorie Counts Coming Soon to a Vending Machine Near You

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It’s officially the New Year and you know what that means, new diet. Well just in time for all of those resolutions weighing on your mind office vending machines may help you out, or give you a buzz kill.

A new law under the Affordable Care Act will require that calorie information be displayed on vending machines. It will affect around 5 million vending machines nationwide.

Basically, the new rule, going into effect in early 2014 will let you know exactly how bad that candy bar really is for you. It’s supposed to help Americans make healthier decisions when it comes to snack choices. But it is going to cost the vending machine industry quite a bit; $25.8 million initially and $24 million per year after that. The nearly 11,000 companies affected say it’s outrageous and say that a lot of these vendors are small companies and can’t afford to comply.

But the Obama administration says it’s worth it in the end. They point out that if just .02 percent of obese adults ate 100 fewer calories a week it would save $24 million a year for the health care system.

Vending machine companies will have one year to comply with the law.

I’m sorry but I think this is ridiculous. If someone is choosing to eat out of the vending machine and don’t already know how bad the stuff is in there, then they need a mental health evaluation. Plus, let’s be real if you’re starving and have slim pickings available is this really going to stop you from pushing the button. Does it already stop you at fast food joints? Instead of spending money on this why not spend money on healthier vending machine options.

And that’s today’s helping of The Online Dish with Maggie.

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