Tips to beat the post-holiday blues

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HOUSTON, TX – Do you have the post-holiday blues? You’re not alone.

Many people go into a funk or depression after all the holiday hoopla winds down.

“Once the holidays are over a lot of people feel very isolated. The family has gone home and they’re back to being alone. That can trigger a lot of depression or blues for people,” says Dr. Yana Finkelshteyn of Methodist Family Medicine in Sugar Land.

Be warned though, there is a difference between the blues and clinical depression.

“If your symptoms or going on for more than two weeks – if you’re having lack of pleasure in anything, and you’re having symptoms like disturbed sleep, anxiety, crying spells for no reason. It may be time to talk to somebody – maybe see your doctor.”

But other things can mar your mood this time of year.

“One of the other big factors are the shorter days and more time indoors can really trigger Seasonal Affective Disorder for a lot of people.”

To overcome this Dr. Finkelshteyn says get outside and exercise during the daylight hours. And don’t forget, “You are what you eat including your brain chemistry so if you’re not getting good nutrition and adequate folic acid in your diet, your mood can be down from poor eating habits.”

And maybe try a different perspective like Julie Durlam’s, “I love it when the holidays are over and all the sales start.”

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