Arizona couple hit two holes-in-one in same round

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SUN CITY WEST, AZ – When it comes to golf, sometimes you’re in the zone and sometimes you’re not.

Ted and Sandy Weshler of Sun City West, Arizona have golfed for 40 years; so they know all about the zone. Recently, they became aces at the Desert Trails Golf Course.

“I got to 14, a 143 yard hole, and took my trusty 6-iron out and hit it and it really felt good,” says Ted.

It should have – it was a hole in one!

Sandy’s reaction was mixed, “I was happy for him but in a way I was angry that it wasn’t me. Ha ha. A little jealous, selfishness coming out and I wanted one. Ha-ha.”

So she aced the 17th hole!

“They kept telling me it was in the hole, when I got up there and looked in the hole, my legs turned to jelly.”

What are the odds a husband and wife would sink holes in one in the same round of golf?

Sandy knows, “I read online that it was 17 million to 1 odds.”

Let’s hope 20-14 turns out to be all aces for Ted and Sandy.