Polar vortex begins to ease

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HOUSTON, TX – It’s starting to feel like summer! Relatively speaking.

The worst of the polar vortex is behind us. Still, meteorologists say temperatures in many places will not return to normal until Friday.

On Tuesday, all 50 states dipped below 32 degrees, and there were record lows in 50 cities: New York hit 4 degrees; Atlanta 6 degrees; Detroit -14.  Minneapolis-St. Paul reportedly spent 62 hours straight below zero. Chicago was in negative territory for 37 hours. The Windy City’s zoo even moved its polar bear inside.

17 deaths have been attributed to the arctic blast. Some of those fatalities have been on the roads.

As for airline travel, some 7,000 U.S. flights were cancelled between Monday and Tuesday. That is starting to improve today.

All around, things are thawing out at last.