Rodman gets defensive from North Korea

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PYONGYANG, NORTH KOREA – Dennis Rodman is used to sparking controversy. But now he’s inciting something else.

Kenneth Bae’s family is outraged by the former NBA star’s comments from North Korea.

“This isn’t some game. This is about a person’s life. Father of three, a son and a brother and a husband,” says Bae’s sister, Terri Chung.

Bae is the American citizen, sentenced to 15 years hard labor in a North Korean prison camp, supposedly for preaching and attempting to start a coup (but Pyongyang hasn’t really said for sure). He is said to be in failing health.

But instead of trying to help, Rodman suggested in a contentious TV interview from North Korea, that Bae had done something wrong to deserve his punishment. He just wouldn’t say what.

“Just outraged. We couldn’t believe our ears,” said Chung.

Rodman and a team of other former NBA players are in the dictatorship to celebrate leader Kim Jung Un’s birthday.

NBA Commissioner David Stern most of the players probably were not thinking about politics when they decided to make the trip.  Just paychecks.

Bae is currently hospitalized.