Sandusky fights for retirement benefits

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HARRISBURG, PA – While millions of Americans feared their unemployment benefits would end, Jerry Sandusky fought to have his retirement benefits reinstated.

You read that right.

The man who molested little boys believed he deserves his Penn State pension, which totals $4,900 a month.

The ordeal is over money Sandusky says he never received after he actually did retire from his assistant coaching position in 1999. After that, he continued working with his charity The Second Mile at Penn State but claims that did not qualify him as an employee of the university, therefore his child molestation conviction does not mean he has to forfeit his retirement.

Leave it to this guy to try to find a loophole.

It all sounds absurd, but it still has to be sorted out in court.

It could be months before Sandusky finds out if he gets the money, but that doesn’t change the 30 to 60 years behind bars he was slapped with.

Really, Sandusky? What could you possibly need that money for?