Does Time Travel Exist: Social media say no

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HOUSTON, TX – Ah. The age old question; does time travel actually exist?

According to Michigan Technological University, social media is the answer to find evidence of time travel.

In the schools findings if a traveler indeed goes back in time, of course the trip would be bragged about online. You know, that kind of makes sense.

Take Pope Francis, the Pontiff was elected last march. So according to the inquirer`s, if someone mentioned him on Twitter, Facebook or in a blog prior to election, time travel must be involved.

Didn`t think of that did you?

Try this; in September of 2013 the school asks readers to post the words ‘#icanchangethepast2’ or ‘#icannotchangethepast2’ on social media with the time stamp on or before August 2013.

Get it? Post the message before the original task was proposed. Therefore time traveling. The invitation went unanswered.