Dumped dogs in East End have a brighter future

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HOUSTON, TX – Dog dumping is a huge problem in Houston. Fortunately, there are volunteers like Barrio Dogs’ Gina Damian-Moreno.

Every day, she scours the East End looking for dogs in need. Over the years, she’s seen dead dogs dumped in trash bags, Santeria and even remains of a skinned dog but what she found recently surprised even her.

“There was a pack of dogs, that would squat here and I came up here to feed them and lo and behold I come around the corner and there was a party of puppies. They were hungry, they were crying they were scratching, they were miserable. It was a bit overwhelming and I knew I had to get them help,” says Moreno.

So she used the power of social media.

“I took that video and I put it on my Facebook page and it went viral.”

2,402 Facebook Shares later, Chloe and the other pups had safe and loving foster homes.

“When we saw the need for a rescue for a foster, we stepped up so she wouldn’t have to be on the streets and face the cold front that was coming and the other elements a dog on the street faces,” says Chloe’s foster mom, Liz Moser.

These dogs are very lucky they got to come in from the cold. Dr. Alicia Walter of Stafford Oaks Veterinary Hospital explains, “The cold could definitely have killed these little puppies. These kinds of temperatures can be deadly.”

Now enjoying warm, loving foster homes these pups have a “paws-itively” bright future ahead.

“Chloe and the other dogs that were rescued that day have been sponsored by L.A.B. Rescue who takes dogs from Houston and finds homes for them in CT. So there’s people already waiting for sweet little puppies like Chloe there,” says Moser.

Great news for these pups but it makes you wonder, can we band together to eliminate this plague of dumped and stray pets?