Fan sues NFL over Super Bowl ticket prices

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NEW JERSEY – The NFL might be regretting to choose Metlife Stadium in New Jersey to host Super Bowl 48. After the recent polar vortex, officials have to be wondering what type of weather will hit the area on February 2, 2014. Some forecast call for clear skies, cold with a 22% chance of snow.

Now, the mighty National Football League is being hit with a lawsuit from a fan. Josh Finkelman of New Brunswick is suing the NFL over the cost of Super Bowl tickets, which go for $500 at face value. The average ticket price on the open market is going for around $3,500. Finkelman’s suit claims the NFL broke New Jersey state law by not releasing five percent of the for the big game at face value. Instead, only one percent was so Finkelman had to fork over $2,000 a ticket for the two tickets he purchased recently.

Midtown Ticket Sales owners Kayla Ramsey says, “Texas, fortunately, does not have restrictive laws like that of New Jersey and New York. Also, when the Super Bowl comes here like it has before and sales were phenomenal.”

The NFL issued this statement in regards to the Finkelman lawsuit:

“The NFL’s Super Bowl ticket distribution process has been in existence for years and is well documented. We are confident it is in compliance with all applicable laws.”

Don’t bet on the NFL planning another Super Bowl for the New Jersey area anytime soon. At least there shouldn’t be these kind of headaches when Super Bowl 51 hits Houston in 2017.