Fondren Safety Society pushes for a safer street

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HOUSTON, TX – We saw the sign, a sign along Fondren road right before it becomes South Piney Point.  What’s it for?

Rod Crosby, President of the Fondren Safety Society says, “to make people aware of the potential traffic problem that’s going to exist on Fondren road starting at St. Francis School and ending up at Westheimer.”

With all the recent commercial and residential development in the area, specifically the 250 unit apartment complex going up where the popular Houston restaurant ‘Vargos’ used to be, the increased car load worries the community.

They’ve taken their concerns to City Hall, where they recognize there’s a safety concern.

Councilman Oliver Pennington, Houston City Council District G says, “…there is a wide enough easement that would allow the city to widen the road there…unfortunately the city doesn’t have any money to do it themselves and they have determined they can not require the developers to do it.”

So what’s the next step then? The Capital Improvement Plan hearing will be coming up late February or early March where residents should communicate how they feel about that area.