Inmate escapes jail, but couldn’t escape the cold

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LEXINGTON, KY – An inmate broke out of a minimum security facility in Lexington, only to beg to be brought back to prison due to frigid arctic weather a few days later.

42-year-old Robert Vick picked a very bad time to shake off the heat. With temps dipping down to the single digits in Kentucky, this inmate on the run wanted back in.

Breaking out of the Blackburn Correction Complex, the six year sentence he was serving was nothing compared to the harsher punishment this weeks polar blast had in store for the escapee. After realizing his new found freedom wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be, he started knocking on doors at a nearby motel. Cops claim that after Vick spent a cold night inside an abandoned farmhouse, the thought of his warm jail cell wasn’t sounding too bad anymore and asked for help the next day. Police and paramedics arrived to take the prisoner back to pokey.

Now maybe Vick will now warm up to the idea of serving out his “full” term this time.