Houston’s IAH ranks third for confiscated guns

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HOUSTON, TX – It’s no surprise Texans like their guns; but at the airports?Unfortunately, yes!

Bush Intercontinental is third on the list of airports were loaded guns were confiscated in carry-on luggage at TSA checkpoints. And yet in 2013, nearly 1,800 firearms were confiscated at TSA checkpoints around the nation.

63 firearms were confiscated at IAH in November alone.

Dallas Fort Worth was in second place with Atlanta in the number one spot. Not rankings to be proud of.

Are people just forgetful and not realizing their guns are in their luggage?

Otto Muniz flying out of IAH said, “I don’t think so. I don’t think you`ll be that dumb or you wouldn’t have that much common sense”

Just remember, if you are caught with a gun you will be subject to criminal charges and civil penalties ranging from $250 to $11,000.

How about you just give us all peace of mind and keep your gun at home when flying.