Forget Popping the Question, More Women Want a Text Proposal

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Will You Marry Me? Those four words that can change the rest of your life. But if you’re thinking of popping the question in 2014 you may want to consider posting it. Or maybe even tweeting it.

A recent survey from British events company Chillisauce found that 15% of women in the UK would prefer that a man propose to them via a tech device. Of that 15% here’s their tech medium of choice:

-32% over the phone

-17% Text

-11% email

-40% Social Media

The survey included responses from 7,000 people in the UK.

But this isn’t just happening across the pond. Kristen Bell proposed to actor boyfriend Dax Shepard via Tweet.

And Kelly Rowland accepted a proposal from her boyfriend/manager Tim Witherspoon via Skype.

I’m sorry but this is absolutely ridiculous. Is romance really dead?! It’s bad enough that we communicate the most through text now your significant other can’t even ask you to marry them in person? Are they going to text or tweet “I Do”, too?

If some guy were to ask me this way I would say “I Don’t”!

And that’s today’s helping of the Online Dish with Maggie.