The ten least stressful jobs

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CARSLBAD, CA – Tired of working too hard? Well, when you’re up from your nap, let’s take a look at a list of the ten least stressful jobs of 2013. No rush!

OK, here we go:

#10 – Drill press operator
#9 – Librarian
#8 – Hair stylist
#7 – Dietician
#6 – Audiologist
#5 – Medical laboratory technician
#4 – Jeweler
#3 – Medical records technician
#2 – Seamstress / tailor
#1 – And the least stressful job of 2013 goes to: university professor. took several stress provoking variables into consideration when creating this list, including travel, competitiveness, physical demands, hazards and risk to one’s own life or to others.

We’re pretty sure everyone has an opinion or two that contradicts this list.

So, if your job is one of the above and you feel it’s being misrepresented; we’re very sorry for the stress this is causing you.