Was a New Jersey bridge closure political revenge?

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FORT LEE, NJ – It’s a sad day for New Jersey. That’s according to John Wisniewski, the Deputy Speaker of New Jersey Assembly.

And it has nothing to do with an overly tan group of guidos and guidettes.

This time, it has to do with everyone’s favorite liberal Republican, Governor Chris Christie.

Some emails emerged, supposedly from his top aides, that reveal some shady stuff.

Apparently, Christie’s office called for some lane closures to the George Washington Bridge, and it wasn’t because if a traffic study like they claimed.

Instead, it’s alleged the closures were revenge against Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich because he didn’t endorse Christie.

Christie insists he knew nothing.

“Either he has no control over his front office, or he’s not telling the truth. Either way it doesn’t bode well for this governor,” said Wisniewski.

Christie’s office has yet to comment. They better speak up soon, or they’re sure to burn some political bridges.