Alaska takes major step toward marijuana legalization

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ANCHORAGE, AK – Alaska — it’s a place where you can journey high into the mountains, and marvel at the Northern Lights.

What could be better than that?

How about getting high on Northern Lights!

It just might blow you away to know that the state of Alaska could soon become the third state to legalize recreational marijuana.

A citizens’ group called “Campaign to Regulate Marijuana” submitted 45,000 signatures to election officials on Wednesday.

It needs about 30,000 verified signatures to qualify for the August state ballot.

The proposal is similar to the one passed in Colorado; it legalizes the growing, buying and consumption of marijuana for adults ages 21 & up.

It’s no secret that legalizing the green, brings in a whole lot of green.

In Colorado, the three dozen pot shops have already rung up an estimated $5 million in sales since the prohibition law went up in smoke on January 1st.

Sales are on fire — and it could create a cannabis crisis!

Many shops in Denver are running low on their stash, and had to turn away many disappointed pot heads.

Bummer, man.