Dallas to Houston in an hour-and-a-half?

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HOUSTON, TX – Alright Houston, ready to ride the bullet? Your chance might be right around the corner. The Federal Railroad Administration is moving forward with a study to determine whether a high-speed train between Dallas and Houston is feasible.

A private company called ‘Texas Central Railway’ wants to build a track between the two cities and then light it up with J.R. Central’s N700-I bullet. Top cruising speed: 205 mph.

“That don’t seem like it’s safe,” Houstonian Raimeka Jones says.

According to the company that makes the train, it’s perfectly safe. But after accidents like the one that happened in Spain last year, folks have their doubts.

“No. first of all, no.” Reggie Davis says. “I would never ride a train, 205 miles-an-hour to Dallas.”

The group has proposed building the rail with a combination of federal funds and $10 billion of their own money, meaning no tax dollars required.  And with an estimated travel time of an hour-and-a-half door to door, not everyone is turning up their noses at the proposition.

“It would help me a great deal,” Michael McGrady says. “Instead of having to travel in my car back and forth to Dallas, I could actually take the rail and I’d be happy to do it, it would save the maintenance on my car.”

Still, if the plan goes through, it could be eight to ten years before construction would be done. So if you’re on board, hurry up and wait.

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